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What else is she hiding?
Wanna know what I hate?

Doesn't matter, I'll tell you anyways.

I hate how my mother is hiding things from me, as well as from everyone else. And no, I'm not just imagining this... I mean, I do over-react a lot on things like this, but it wasn't the first time I found out stuff that were telling me she does that again and again.... and again. Because, yesterday, I was meeting my neurologist ( that was confusing visit, I tell ya ) and I found out that when I was younger, and my mother got my results from the neurologist, she never told me the truth.

I understand she didn't tell me, a young boy with lots of things in his mind, the whole truth right away, but she should have spoken to me about my health ( because there was things I should have known ) before I went to meet that doctor and just ended up staring at him with my face full of questionmarks. I have had a neurological cyst before, it was small enough for being called harmless, but the doctor wanted to check out what's the situation like now. He said, that it's likely that it has been disappeared with time, that there's no "real" organic reason for my symptoms, but he wants to check things out. Which is good, of course.

The fact that there had been something like this doesn't bother me. The fact that my mother never told me about that, does. I mean, how do I know that there's not anything else I should know? I hate the fact that I'm needed to have a chat about this...

30 Day Panik Challenge

Day 1 - Favorite photo of Panik.

Day 2 - Favorite photo of Timo.

Day 3 - Favorite photo of David.

Day 4 - Favourite photo of Frank.

Day 5 - Favourite photo of Jan.

Day 6 - Favourite photo of Juri.

Day 7 - Favourite song from Niemand Hoert Dich

Day 8 - Favourite song from Panik.

Day 9 - A picture that makes you laugh.

Day 10 - Favourite David tweet

Day 11 - Favourite song live.

Day 12 - Favourite CD.

Day 13 - Funniest picture of Frank you can find.

Day 14 - Best .gif you can find.

Day 15 - Favourite Panik video.

Day 16 -Favourite tweet by Timo

Day 17 - Your favourite song.

Day 18 - Favourite picture of David and Timo.

Day 19 - Favourite thing about Panik. 

Day 20 - Anything you want. 

Day 21 - The first Panik song you heard

Day 22 - Favourite lyrics

Day 23 - First Panik picture you saw

Day 24 - Favourite fansite

Day 25 - Favourite member of Panik

Day 26 - Favourite interview

Day 27 - Favourite Panik quote

Day 28 - Favourite photo of Linke

Day 29 - Favourite photoshoot

Day 30 -  Why you like Panik/How you came across them.


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